vendredi 5 octobre 2007

Deep Water Soloing at LaPerouse

This is the first time I've tried DWS in Australia. Alright it wasn't so deep, but it's still soloing. Laurent, Nicolas and Elise were happy to come along with me and ready for this new experience. We've climbed mostly traverse above the water. The first one was really scary ! We didn't want to fall because the water was really cold, but the traverse wasn't so easy : nice pockets for the hands but nothing really concrete for the feet, and everything was wet. Unfortunately Elise was the only one who felt into the water. My forearms were so much pump because I didn't want to fall.

3 commentaires:

TonySport a dit…

Aucune chute :(

JeyOz a dit…

Si juste Elise dans la traversee toute mouillee ! Mais la chutte pour moi etait pas loin.

fredstache a dit…

Nice !