dimanche 26 août 2007

Craig's bucks

This weekend was dedicated to Craig to enjoy the last moment as a single male. So like he said : "As tradition goes its time to get together and erase all those memories with copious amounts of alcohol ..." what we have done ! We stayed at the "HotelABloc", a fabulous place with fantastic bouldering/climbing problems.

Left : hard problem, maybe a V6 (heel hook technique used)

Right : bottle placing (classic problem)

Left : bottle placing using the foot with back side

Right : Touching the roof, with slopey holds (no protection)

Final mouv : get the ass stuck on the corner

That was quite a sporting weekend !

mercredi 22 août 2007

Great Australia Climbing Men with Moustachus

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Great Australian Climbing Men with Mustachus, one Notable candidate and has been around for many years is Malcom HB Matheson, this Climbing Man has Cranked grade 31 (8b) in 1988 the hardest route by and Australian at the time.

He Recently spoke at a event in the blue mountains below are links to a interview and history.



vendredi 3 août 2007

Balkans - The Trenches and The Frontline (Sydney)

The Trenches

To get to the Trenches, find Renown Rd in Baulkham Hills in the street directory. Located on this road is the Baulkham Hills Sports Centre, opposite which is a carpark beside a set of soccer fields. Park here and walk directly away from Renown Rd between the soccer fields, down the bank and along an obvious track. About 50m into the bush the track hits a series of 4m cliffs and boulders that have formed a series of trenches.

Left : Jerome in a hard problem with slopey final holds

Right : Laurent first one to get to the top

The Frontline

To get to the Frontline, find Larra Cr, North Rocks in the street directory. About 50m from its intersection with Mill Dr is a Fire Brigade trailer parked beside a long cement driveway. Park near here and follow the driveway down to its end. Turn left at the bottom then follow the obvious track right into the bush. About 50m down is the start of the crag. Faces west.

Left : Nicolas at the top of a classic V2

Right : Laurent running in a nice but painful V4

Laurent, Nicolas and me spent a beautiful day in this fantastic crag, meeting nice people and sharing with them an unforgettable experience.

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