dimanche 26 août 2007

Craig's bucks

This weekend was dedicated to Craig to enjoy the last moment as a single male. So like he said : "As tradition goes its time to get together and erase all those memories with copious amounts of alcohol ..." what we have done ! We stayed at the "HotelABloc", a fabulous place with fantastic bouldering/climbing problems.

Left : hard problem, maybe a V6 (heel hook technique used)

Right : bottle placing (classic problem)

Left : bottle placing using the foot with back side

Right : Touching the roof, with slopey holds (no protection)

Final mouv : get the ass stuck on the corner

That was quite a sporting weekend !

3 commentaires:

TonySport a dit…

Les bouteilles, elles étaient pleines ou vides avant l'exercice ??

JeyOz a dit…

A ton avis ?

Damage a dit…

We found them lying around in the room, thought we could have some fun with these. ;-)

The primary exercise was to empty the bottle first, then place or fall flat on your face trying, this did occur once or twice.