lundi 28 juin 2010

It can be cold in Australia but it doesn't stop us to climb

A couple of weeks ago we went to Centennial Glen (again) with Laurent and sent few hard routes, despite the cold weather.
We warmed up in Acceptably Cosmic (23/7a) - Jumpfest! Cool moves in a 45 degrees short steep wall - and Hairy Horrace (23/7a) - Pretty easy for the grade (it's should be 6c+).
Then we worked out the super classic Paddington 25/7b - Really hard move on a sloppy pocket.
We also spent few hours working on a new project, called Trix Roughly 26/7b+. There are about 20 moves including 3 crux: 1 dyno from a matched crimp + 1 dyno from a pinch and an useless hold + 1 recover from a nice heel hook. We planned to send this problem at the next trip.
At the end of the day we finished by a non easy route called Glad Ingram 24/7a+.

2 commentaires:

TonySport a dit…

Bravo. Pour ma part je suis en arret depuis 1 mois :(

JeyOz a dit…

Et j'ai encore fini 1er a une competition de bloc (Open B). Cette fois ci l'organisateur m'a dit que la prochaine fois je devrai en Open A ... avec les grands :-)