lundi 3 décembre 2007

Movember 2007

One more time I participated to the Movember. This time colleagues and friends sponsored my Mo, and provided to me donation. I raised about $400, which I transfered to the Cancer Council for the Prostate research. I had too much pride to grow this Mo and contribute for a good cause.

I wanted all of you to participate to the Movember and be sponsored by the Moustachus Climbers ... maybe next year.

4 commentaires:

fredstache a dit…

Good job man ! Born to be moustachu ! And did Smirnoff sponsorized you against the liver sirose ?

JeyOz a dit…

Ah ah ah hic ! c'est pas vrai, c'est moi qui sponsor la Sminrofffff.

Damage a dit…

Great Moustach,

I want to know, do your eyes look like that because.

A: You have had Lot of Smirnoffff.

B: You Just got of the Ride in the Background

C: You just got off the Ride after Drinking lots of Smirnoffff.

D: Thats just normal.

JeyOz a dit…

E: I was too scared to get to the ride, and the alcohol was starting to make effect.