lundi 19 avril 2010

Fontainebleau / Franchard Isatis

This time Fred took a day OFF and picked me up at the Orleans Porte to go to Franchard Isatis. A new place for me and of course new problems to send. First thing to say: HOLY MOLY !! All the boulders look pretty high and very impressive.
We could refer to Fred's guide which recommends the best problems of this crag.
Here some problems we selected:
- Le balancier 5a
- L'incommode 6a+
- La traversee du toit 6a+
- L'envie des betes 6b+
- La Poyer-Lolotte 6c
- Little Karma 6c
- Colin Maillard 6c

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TonySport a dit…

Bravo pour Chasseur et merci pour les plantes !!