lundi 8 mars 2010

Bouldering trip at Fontainebleau / Rocher Canon

As you are probably aware that I am going to France for a couple of weeks, I am also planning to go to Fontainebleau for some bouldering. I have already selected one classic crag called "Rocher Canon" (See below the online topo). Easy acces from the train (station at Bois-Le-Roi) and short walk to the crag (about 20min).

You will find out that the grades go from 6 to 8. The average is about 7a. I know it sounds a little bit silly and pretentious, but who knows if I can set the bar higher than usual.

You can check out the calendar to see when I am planning to get there. It will be sometimes between the 12th and 22nd of April. The Saturday 17th will be the only day of a week end I will be available too.

So let me know guys if you want to come with me to crank hard and send the best problems. Hope that you will be able to make it and that we will gather the best Moustachus.

This is my tick list:

Les trois lances du Bengale 6b
La Cave de l'Oncle 6c
Mine de Plomb 6c
Pot de Terre 6c+
Beaux Mouvements 6c+
The Roof 6c+
Chasseur de Prises 7a
Les Copains d'Abord 7a
Orca droite 7a
42 Fillette 7a
Compressman 7a
36.15 gauche 7a
Rédemption 7a
Les Câlins de Kim 7a
La Dénoyautée 7a+
La Levitation 7a+
La Mare droite 7b
Nut's 7b
La Théorie du Chaos - assis 7b+

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TonySport a dit…

Hey dude,
Comme je ne serai pas avec vous en Alsace, je vais prendre un jour pour aller grimper avec toi à Bleau.
On s'organise ça ?