mardi 12 janvier 2010

Moustachus the Next Generation "Free Soloing"

Hi All,

A chapter in the life of the next generation.

1 Day after my first birthday i set out to attempt free soloing.

3 rungs of the ladder.

5 days later I decided to better my soloing attempt "when Mummy wasn't looking"
At the end of that day Daddy thwarted my soloing career by blocking the 3rd rung.

3 commentaires:

JeyOz a dit…

Alex is pushing the limit to a new dimension. He doesn't have any harness, no crash pad, barefoot ... and he is having fun. I should contact Dean Potter and arrange his film maker team to come visit us in down under. FA of "5 rungs of the ladder (38)". Awesome.

Fredstache a dit…

Very impressive ... but scary !! Watch out and take care. He seems to walk on his father's traces.

TonySport a dit…

No helmet, just balls !!
That's the Moustachu spirit