mardi 3 novembre 2009

Blue Bell - Best Sport Climbing in Sydney

If you like steep stuff, I would much recommend to check out Blue Bell in Sydney South. Have a look to the guide on The Australian Climbing Association website (Blue Bell online guide). There are 17 routes graded from 18 (5c+) to 26 (7b+) , with an average of grade 21 (6b+). Basically the wall is about 15m high and 10 degrees steep. The routes are well secured with lots of bolts. With Laurent we onsighted one 21 (6b+), three 23 (7a) and redpointed one 25 (7b). We had such a great time on this wall.

2 commentaires:

TonySport a dit…

Il est chaud le Jéjé en ce moment !

JeyOz a dit…

Samedi prochain sera la derniere session des Sydney Bouldering Series (4e). J'espere bien me placer (peut etre 1er encore :-) ), car il y a des prix en jeu. Trop la patatte en ce moment.