dimanche 9 novembre 2008

FROG Buttress QLD Australia

Last weekend Jeje joined me on another adventure climbing in Queensland, this time we decided to try something totally differant, CRACK Climbs and lots of them. Oh and pretty much all using natural protection NO BOLTS at this crag.

Located at Mount French the crag is called Frog Buttress, its the best location for crack climbing in Australia and for those climbers that only use natural protection.

This is what a crack climb graded at 32 looks like ->

We started out getting used to placing gear and fitting in the cracks, we didn't get very adventurous we were the only ones there being a Friday and didn't really want to get caught out.

Below a nice easy 16

4 commentaires:

Pititou a dit…

que de belles photos et de lieux sublimes reportés par notre incroyable moustache australienne.

JeyOz a dit…

In English mate ! this adventure has been reported by the famous Damage (Craig) from Brisbane, and not Jeoyz.

TonySport a dit…

Jeyoz doing trad climbing ?! No, it's a fake !

Fredstache a dit…

Super, belles fissures. Super, nice cracks.