lundi 23 juillet 2007

Sissy Crag and the Drop Bears (Sydney)

This is the second post about Sissy, and maybe not the last one. This crag is so fantastic ! There is a variety of problems with a range of grades between V1 to V11, and it is purely overhanging. You can imagine all problems you want along 200m. This time I went with Laurent, Duncan and Nicolas (the photographer).

Left: Duncan in a very hard problem V7

Right: Laurent in a stretch and solid move V5

We had a break for the lunch, and had the change to listen to an interesting and terrific story : "Drop Bears in Australia".
Apparently in the bush in Australia, during a walk, you can meet some of them. They use to be very discreet and live at the peak of the trees. They look like koalas, but they are maybe bigger. Usually they wait for a tourist, and then they just drop on you ! Some people say they can be very aggressive and attack your skin with their claw. I don't want to imagine the massacre.

Traverse on ultra slopey slopers with no feet V6

Location: Turn off Warringah Rd, Forestville, into Ryrie Ave and then take the first left which is Bridgeview Crescent. Park at the end of Bridgeview Crescent and follow the track down the hill just right of the gate. The track doubles back and you'll come across a big south-west facing cave, this is it.

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3 commentaires:

Damage a dit…

BEWARE the drop bear.
Ah yes be afraid - very afraid, these bears are a mutant koalas and they will only attack tourist's - they are cunning lying in wait then before you know it out of the blue they drop in.

TonySport a dit…

Hey, Jey, you have new climbing shoes.
A little big for bloc, no ?

JeyOz a dit…

The "Drop Bears" legend is a kind of "Le Dahu" in France.
Yes Tonio ! I got new climbing shoes. It was a gift for my last birthday. Mammut called "Bulldozer". Great shoes.