mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Watcha Wouah for Matoldshoes and fredstache !

Two of the famous moustachus are going to improved their best climb out of this fucking country formely named France. Not because everything is done down there ... no! But more for fun and advertising, and leisure, and holidays, and tourism, and road tripping, and so on, an more ! Yes climbing is not only austalio-frenchy and Thailand is waiting for fresh crux and performances. Krabi, the Mecque for climbing in Asia, is waiting for us. We will learn the world the way of free climbing onto the cliffs of the beach of the ko Phi Phi island and onto the fantastically ratically totally round boulders in ko Samui Island. Sea foods and spice dishes are also waiting for fresh tourists like us to experiment new style of gasto antherite and funny stuff like the 2007 tourista !
Pictures will come soon from february the 3th to 23th ...
Watch Out & Whatcha Wouah !!

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TonySport a dit…

Alors moi comme souvenir j'aimerais..... ils plantent pas du cannabis là bas ???